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Acres of Ancestry 2020
The End is Ny
Unrepressed Dreams of a Gullah Girl
A Splace in Time
Dem Souls Down Below
Black Madonna and Child
Color me Blind n' Call Me Deaf
Among the Magnolias and Cotton...
Silent Tears (Mask Me)
Hunting Down White Supremacy
Dem Cotton Trees
Land of the Free -abbr. title
King Scream
Never Forget
Humankind is One
Memories of Love
Original Tribute to...Liberty
She begat she
African Mask Study #1
Cltural Pattern Study (Africa) #1
Body is Temple
Cultural Pattern Study (Native) #1
Up, Down, and Sideways
N'debele Woman
Spirit Animal
Two dead men. Salute to Castille and Sterling. Lives unnecessarily cut short
Universal Peace
Silent Tears (Mask Me)
Under the Mask
Carving away
Getting ready for 1st solo exhibit
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