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Jess Hill received her BFA in Printmaking, with a minor in Art History, at the University of West Georgia and is a recipient of the 2018 Heinmark Artist in Residence at Brown University and the 2017 Emerging Artist Resedency from the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Ga. Jess Hill was also born and raised in the South. Her work focuses on how we view each other through the prisms of race and gender. 

Jess Hill's art explores the resilience of Black Womanhood and other marginalized groups and depicts their dream of overcoming many levels of oppression. Her art analyzes African folkore, quilted patterns and symolisms. Historical and current social issues also influence her work. Her pieces promote the love of self and identity, by portraying all humans as beings of value. Her goal is to change our thinking from individuality to global similarity- seeing "me" in "them," and "them in "me."

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